Cryoshipping Containers

You simply cannot have a successful cyroshipment without the correct containers. The only way to transport cryopreserved IVF samples is to use medical containers that are called dewars, or dry shippers. These containers fit into the rules mandates by the EU-Tissue Directives 2004/23/EC, 2006/1EC and 2006/86/EC.

The dewars used for cryoshipment have been specifically designed in order to transport biological samples at the correct temperature.

Our couriers transport the dewars very carefully – they are only ever carried in a vertical position. Our team also ensures that the dewar will never been exposed to X-rays (known to cause degenerative changes to the gametes or embryos; can even cause genetic mutations and changes in DNA).

ARKCryo only uses containers that comply with IATA regulation, and they include a built-in temperature to ensure that -196 C is maintained during the entire transportation process.

We use the following models of dewars (dry shippers):

MVE SC 4/2 V Vapor Shipper

Specifically designed for the safest transportation possible of genetic materials at the prescribed temperatures (-150°C or colder). They are made of lightweight aluminum that is very durable, and employs a hydrophobic compound that ensures dry shipping. Up to 40 oocyte straws.

Main features:

- Liquid Nitrogen Capacity: 3.6

- Static evaporation rate (liters/day): 0.26

- Normal Working Duration (days): 14 days

MVE SC 2/1V Vapor Shipper

In order to ensure upright shipping, this model comes with a protective shipping carton, all in a lightweight, easy to carry package. Up to 10-12 oocytes straws.


Main features:

- Protective shipping carton to ensure upright shipping
- Low liquid nitrogen consumption
- Convenient lightweight package
- Protective Shipping Container | P/N 20750409
- Black Cap for Vacuum Plug/Port | P/N 3911217

Taylor Wharton CX 100

Designed specifically to safely transport a variety of genetic materials at the mandated temperatures. This model is made from an absorbent material that prevents liquid spillage, even if the dewar accidentally ends up on its side. Up to 43 oocytes straws.



- Advanced Concept Absorbent enables faster charging.
- Complies with IATA regulation
- New rugged construction includes dependable, stronger, magniformed necktube design, ribbed high strength aluminum body, and more durable paint system.
- Superior vacuum performance with super insulation provides maximum holding times.
- Optional storage accessories include a five shelf rack system for the CX500
- Lockable lids.
- Warranty: 2 years on vacuum, 1 year on electronic

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