Anyone utilising the assisted reproduction industry requires a range of shipment services, and these form the core of the ARKCryo services list. Whether you need to transport sperm samples or frozen donor eggs, we create bespoke shipment solutions for clients around the world.

ARKCryo are the EU’s leading IVF couriers, arranging cryoshipments for:  
  • Individual fertility patients                                                                                        
  • IVF clinics  
  • Egg Banks                                                                                                            
  • Surrogacy agencies                                                                                                
  • Egg donor agencies  
Individual patients

With each passing day, the interest in IVF tourism and IVF cryomaterial transportation increases. Shipping sperm, oocytes and fertilized embryos utilising the cryopreservation method is a sound, reliable option for any couple that wishes to undergo fertility treatment in any IVF clinic around the world.

The services provided by ARKCryo are a good alternative for intended parents who plan to enter the surrogacy process abroad using their own/donor frozen embryos. From this moment on, patients start their search of specialized cryoshipping companies.

Fertility patients choose ARKCryo for a variety of reasons:
  • transporting frozen eggs, sperm or embryos from one fertility clinic to another for further treatment cycles
  • PGD/PGS scanning
  • they are utilising Macroarray technology
  • to participate in a surrogacy program

In order to arrange the cryoshipment, the intended parents should prepare all the documentation with the clinic where the IVF samples are stored, as well as with the clinic that will accept the samples for further treatment. Read more about the documents necessary to perform cryo delivery.

IVF clinics and Egg Banks

ARKCryo is a reliable cryoshipping partner for international IVF clinics and egg banks that need to transport their patients’ frozen IVF samples. When clinics refer their patients to use ARK.CRYO’s services we offer a commission rate of 10% of the delivery price.

Surrogacy and Egg Donor Agencies

ARKCryo performs shipments for intended parents who plan to undergo the surrogacy cycle in a European, Canadian or American clinic and who need to transport their own (or their donor's) frozen donor embryos from the origin clinic to the clinic where the cycle will be performed. We also provide shipments on demand for surrogacy clinics around the world.

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