Peter Hura
Logistics manager and courier
  • Transportation: 150+
  • Сountries: Poland, Israel, Belgium, Russia, Ukraine, Argentina, Denmark, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Macedonia.
  • Languages: English, Russian

I have been working in logistics ever since I graduated from University. That said, working for ARK.CRYO has allowed me to learn new skills, take on new responsibilities and has brought new meaning to my role.

Every  day we help hundreds of people from all over the world get closer to their dream of starting a family. The trust that our clients put in me makes me feel motivated and responsible in each facet of my work. It is an amazing feeling to be involved in the birth of a new life.

My hobbies are: photography, surfing, traveling and cooking.

The main slogan in life is “Success is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.”


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Vladyslav Zahrai
Logistics Manager
  • Transportation: 30
  • Сountries: Israel, Ukraine, Argentina, Denmark, Russia
  • Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English, Polish

I have always been interested in transportation, and so I decided that I should work in the logistics field.  I am proud that my activity with ARK.CRYO helps infertile couples to fulfill their dreams of parenthood. For me that is very important, as I want to make the world a better place.

I have many hobbies, but most important to me are football, cinema, and boxing. I am also very interested in world history and politics, and I like discussing these topics. My favourite cuisines are Thai, Italian and Russian.
Our team wants to make the world a better place, and I am proud to be a part of this mission.

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Ihor Hevko
Logistics manager and courier
  • Transportation: 150+
  • Сountries: Brazil, Great Britain, Denmark, Ireland, Spain, Holland, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Czech, Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Republic of Macedonia, Albania, Kazahstan, Turkey, Cyprus, Israel, Armenia, Ukraine, Nepal, Thailand, Kingdom of Cambodia, Kenya, Ghana
  • Languages: English (Fluent), German (Basic), Russian (Basic)

Hola! Guten Tag! Namaste! Ni Hauh! Hi there, my name is Ihor, and I am 26, male, single :)
Being a logistician is more than just a profession, this is a way of life.
While my ‘control freak’ personality can be a bit much in day to day life, in this role I can leverage my desire for accuracy and precision to help my clients and transport cyromaterials successfully. 

I travel a lot, and on the road I meet a diverse array of new
people and get to know their cultures, but exploration is a binary process; while you get to know more about what surrounds you, be ready
to learn more about yourself as a person as well.

It is a great responsibility to carry someone’s life to destinations near and far, and I am honored to receive this trust from people. This is really motivating for me.

Apart from this job, my hobbies are: cooking, martial arts, and collecting
musical instruments. I have the unique opportunity to taste marvelous traditional cuisines from all corners of world – and shopping for new guitars, of course!

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