Continuation of Delivery Service through COVID-19 measures

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Continuation of Delivery Service through COVID-19 measures #1

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to evolve, numerous transport services announced it would be closing due to COVID-19, including public transport, all-water, airway, railway and road connections.

Most of the countries decided to close all cross-border points for the quarantine period as the utmost measure.

In the light of the above, and with all responsibility, we put all of our current shippings on hold and reschedule them to a second half of the April 2020.

Although, we continue to process:

  • all transportation requests, B2B and B2C communication will not be influenced;
  • our routine office work on the logistics remains the same.
  • shippings – all of them will be resumed right after quarantine restriction regime is over, which we supposed to happen on April 10-th 2020.

You can follow our Facebook and Instagram pages for all future updates if such. Please, stay at home and stay safe.

Please contact us via email or call us: +35 725 654 103 if any questions.

Thank you for understanding,
ARKCryo team

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