Online presentation 25 May. IVF transport during lockdown. Restrictions, rules & opportunities


The COVID-19 outbreak is a serious threat to public health. Lockdowns and other coordinated restrictive measures are necessary to save lives. However, these measures may also severely slow down our economies and can delay the deliveries of reproductive cells as: oocytes, sperm, embryos.

ARKCryo team receives a lot of inquiries if it is still possible transport IVF cells during covid-19 travel restrictions across EU and non-EU countries. We monitor the situation with flight connections renewal across the globe. Vienna airport restarted flight connections between European Union counties : from Vienna to France (Paris, Liege), Germany (Cologne), Hungury, Spain, Netherlands  . International flights are also reopened but with limited number of destinations: from Vienna to Israel, China, Dubai, Qatar, Korea. Flights from Europe to USA or Canada have not been renewed yet, air connection is possible only between US and Canada.

In order to discuss the IVF transport during lockdown. Restrictions, rules & opportunities, Arkcryo team invites to join Zoom conference, which will take place the 25th  of May, 4 PM (GMT+3 Cyprus time), 3 PM (GMT+2 Berlin time), 9 AM (GMT-4 Toronto time).

During Zoom Conference we will discuss the following:

  • How did covid-19 pandemic influence on flight connections between EU and Non-EU countries?
  • Is there  possibility  for on-road transportation  of  reproductive cells from Non-EU countries to EU zone.
  • How can I ship my embryos , oocytes or sperm  from USA to EU and vice versa.
  • Did the lockdown  make any change in the package of requested documents for transportation IVF samples ?


Meeting would be host by Peter Hura, logistics manager and medical courier.


After the registration we will send Conference room Details into your email.

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