Promo. 10% Discount for IVF Cryoshipping

Take the opportunity to pay less for the cryoshipping of human reproductive cells this summer. 

ARKCryo offers 10% discount for 1 cryoshipping of frozen oocytes, sperm or embryos. The promo offer is valid from from 20.05.2019 till 13.07.2019.
In order to get the discounted price you need to fill in the Contact form. Within 24 hours you will receive the email with shipping price.
More details: +35 725 654 103,

Why choose ARKCryo?

  • 10 years of International Logistics and cryoshipment​ experience​

Our team has more than 10 years of hands-on experience with shipping human fertility materials, and we know how to handle any issue that may arise.

  • Transported materials are not exposed to X-rays​

We know that certain human cells can become damaged by X-rays, and so we use our industry contacts to arrange to have all of our cryoshipments inspected without the use of potentially harmful radiation. Our courier will always ensure that the container was never opened, and didn’t go through any type of X-ray scanning procedure.

  • Worldwide delivery ​

We know that you might have the need to ship embryos, eggs or sperm to a wide array of international destinations, and that is why we specialize in shipments to both EU and non-EU countries. We are industry leaders in delivering frozen cells for ED and surrogacy cycles to and from European Union fertility clinics to clinics in Ukraine and Russia, where prices are much more affordable.

  • Full compliance with IATA standards ​

By working closely with international airline companies, we fully comply with all International Air Travel Association standards.

  • Carry-on baggage transportation​

The couriers and logistics teams at ARKCryo would never risk your valuable cryoshipments in the luggage hold. All of our shipments are hand carried on board the aircraft.





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