Couriers without borders. IVF road transportation on Covid-19 pandemic time. Non/EU - EU countries

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Couriers without borders. IVF road transportation on Covid-19 pandemic time. Non/EU - EU countries #1
According to the COVID19 pandemic, all international freight traffic fell by 30 percent. International flights were canceled, airports were closed, but these conditions did not prevent us from performing our duties. We decided to choose the best way of transportation - freight transportation because it was not limited by quarantine all over Europe. We discover all possibilities to transport samples during the pandemic time and have begun to fulfill our obligations to customers.
During 04-17 July, we faced a route that passed through 10 European countries like Ukraine, Slovakia, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden, France, Spain, Switzerland, and Poland.

While crossing the border between countries, we encountered certain features:

  • Transportation from Ukraine to Slovakia could be done only by freight customs. Also for crossing this border we should have special documents like customs declarations, CMR forms, and negative tests for COVID19. Moreover, as we were using the road means of transport we should provide a certificate of international transport driver.
  • Since we are transporting medical supplies, our car had to have a special designation that characterized our medical activity. Borders of red zone countries have thorough control before entering them, so we should be always ready with all necessary documents.
  • Since transportation by car takes more time than usual one we needed to pay more attention to compliance with the temperature inside cryo containers. Our normal schedule was checking temperature using special temperature loggers three times a day, to be sure that samples are in safe. 

One of the important things during road transportation is to calculate the time before arriving at the clinic because you should always remember about difficulties with traffic.

Careful planning and professional training allowed us to overcome 94 866 km in two weeks without any obstacles and to deliver the material to all clinics on time.

Despite all the difficulties during a pandemic, ARKCryo is always ready to carry out transportation for our customers because quality, efficiency and focus on results are important factors in our work. Transportation of IVF reproductive cells is possible even during covid-19 travel restrictions. We know how to deliver your material safely during pandemic lockdown.

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