NEW PODCAST: How experience and partnership saved 50,000 embryos?

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NEW PODCAST: How experience and partnership saved 50,000 embryos? #1

Meet ARKCryo Podcast host Ihor Hevko! Also Ihor is a medical courier at ARKCryo.

Here is our first record. And this is a special record. Why? Because, first of all, we have a wonderful guest today:

Birol Aydin Laboratory Manager at IVMED, Scientific advisor at OVOGENE Donor Bank.

We talked to Birol about the situation in Ukraine, because Birol's laboratory is located in Kyiv. He told us his unique story: how he saved 50,000 embryos! And with this our team of medical couriers ARKCryo helped him and his team. You will also hear how people abroad help Ukrainians during the war. Birol is an embryologist who really loves his job, the laboratory. Takes care of his team and embryos. For him, embryos are people. And that's it! So, as you can imagine, our conversation is really interesting and exciting. See for yourself. Make yourself a delicious drink, settle in more comfortably, and turn on the ARKCryo Podcast.

We look forward to hearing from you in the comments. Also, write down your ideas for future podcasts. Who would you like to see? What would you like to hear?

And by the way, here is Ihor's email:

Don't hesitate to contact Ihor if you have any questions.

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