One way ticket! Use prices of delivery of 2021 in 2022!

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One way ticket! Use prices of delivery of 2021 in 2022! #1

We have an awesome news to you! As our partner we are very interested in cooperation in 2022, for this reason we create a special offer that I want to share with you.

Prepay your orders today and get all shipments at 2022 at the prices of 2021 — only until the 31st of December.

ARK Cryo announces shipping price changes coming in 2022.

Due to the sharp rise in world prices for transportation, rising oil prices, and COVID restrictions that have led to significant costs, we are forced to raise prices in 2022.

But not for you!

You can make a deposit for next year's delivery and then all your next year's deliveries, regardless of their quantity, will be priced at 2021. The minimum deposit amount is 5 thousand US dollars. With a deposit of $ 50,000, you will receive an additional two free deliveries anywhere in the world from any available clinic.

Don't waste time, there has never been such an attractive offer.

Contact us by using this link: contact-us

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