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ARKCryo provides
embryo transportation services,
among other biomaterial shipping services.


years of experience

We are an embryo shipping company that delivers your embryo`s eggs from clinics and medical laboratories to the fertility clinic where you receive fertility treatment.

Transporting embryos internationally with ARKCryo for intended parents is safe and reliable since we have been in the industry for 10 years.

We are familiar with various aspects of your precious cargo transport process, including the nuances of embryo transport in ​​liquid nitrogen and customs clearance which we cover in terms of paperwork.

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We guarantee the quality
 of our shipping services at all times.

  • With our embryo courier, you can be sure that your eggs, embryos or sperm are treated with the best care and attention during the international shipping process.

  • We use unique technology to deliver the materials in the right conditions, such as low temperature due to ​​liquid nitrogen, so that your cargo gets the highest quality and stays safe.​

  • In addition, we never allow the dewars to undergo an X-ray to prevent any damage to the material.​

Legal & Customs support.

To provide quality assistance with pharma logistical solutions, we take care of all paperwork related to customs clearance. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of shipping pharmaceuticals within a cold chain, we are familiar with every step of the process and the required documents. So naturally, we want to take this burden off of our customers and handle the paperwork as we transport pharmaceuticals worldwide.


successfull transportations

Since temperature-controlled medical goods require particular conditions for pharmaceutical shipping, they cannot be opened for customs control so that they stay within an appropriate temperature range. That is why we prepare all the documents for shipping medical goods in advance based on our experience and customs clearance standards and requirements.

With this in mind, you will only have to place your order, and we will take care of moving your products through the supply chain. With no worry and hassle, you will be able to wait for the products to be delivered to their target destination.

We care about every package we deliver when shipping pharma and guarantee safe transportation of the products.

With our quality pharma logistics, your temperature-sensitive product is under temperature control and supported with onboard monitoring from the beginning of the pharmaceutical supply chain at the pharmaceutical warehouses and medical companies to the destination point.


Shipping embryos internationally — pricing & delivery terms.

There is no particular set of shipping embryos internationally cost that you may refer to when planning the delivery. Since we offer international shipping to transport frozen embryos to different regions and continents, the delivery cost will depend on the location of embryos or eggs and the destination fertility clinics and medical institutes.

Shipping frozen embryos internationally may last different amounts of time, but usually, a transport process takes from 2 to 10 days. In case you need express shipping, we will deliver your precious cargo to you in 24 hours*

Below are the estimated international shipping costs and duration for shipping IVF embryos from Europe:

EUROPE $1,855 - 2,670 2 - 4 DAYS
ASIA $3,000 - 4,200 2 - 6 DAYS
THE USA $3,130 - 4,175 2 - 6 DAYS
CANADA $3,130 - 4,175 2 - 6 DAYS
SOUTH AMERICA $3,700 - 6,400 2 - 6 DAYS
AFRICA $3,710 - 4,650 2 - 6 DAYS
AUSTRALIA $3,710 - 5,220 4 - 10 DAYS

* In the case of express shipping, the delivery price will include a 50% price charge on top of the original cost.

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What our clients say.

  • The delivery was fast and lasted several days as promised. Thank you.”

    — Maria, Brazil
  • The delivery was fast and lasted several days as promised. Thank you.”

    — Maria, Brazil
  • The delivery was fast and lasted several days as promised. Thank you.”

    — Maria, Brazil

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