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ARKCryo provides
donor egg shipping worldwide with the help of advanced technology for biomaterial storage.


years of experience

We'll transport your frozen donor eggs from the egg bank to one of the IVF clinics where you undergo treatment.

Our delivery is timely, secure, and compliant with global shipping standards.

Our shipping company has 10 years of experience in shipping frozen eggs internationally. We transport different kinds of biomaterials, including frozen donor eggs. We are familiar with all the peculiarities of the transportation process, so you may rest assured as we take care of your package.

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We guarantee the quality
of our shipping services at all times.

  • In addition to our onboard personnel for package monitoring, we provide a support team so that you can address any concerns that may arise during transportation. The team is available 24/7 and will gladly assist you.

  • We use dry shippers equipped with temperature control — frozen eggs require an environment with low temperature, which we support with the help of liquid nitrogen throughout the entire transportation.​

  • We never allow the dewars to undergo an X-ray to prevent any damage to the material. We only use the most advanced technology to preserve the quality of your frozen donor eggs.​

Legal & Customs support.

To provide quality assistance with pharma logistical solutions, we take care of all paperwork related to customs clearance to take the pressure off the intended parents.


successfull transportations

We also provide 3 types of insurance plans to add to your delivery.

Get in touch with us to learn more about the plans or the overall donor egg process of delivery.

We are eager to relieve the stress for you — we'll treat your delivery with all the care & attention we can to leave you worry-free.


Shipping frozen eggs internationally — pricing & delivery terms.

The term of donor egg delivery will vary across different shipping companies since the process depends on several factors. Among such, the original location of your frozen eggs and the location of fertility clinics to where we ship eggs affect the time of delivery*

Merely like the duration of your delivery, several factors impact the cost, so it can vary. In addition, shipping frozen donor eggs from an egg bank in Europe to your clinic will cost from $1,855 to $6,400, with the destination country being the decisive factor.

Below are the estimated prices and shipment date periods for frozen donor eggs from Europe:

EUROPE $1,855 - 2,670 2 - 4 DAYS
ASIA $3,000 - 4,200 2 - 6 DAYS
THE USA $3,130 - 4,175 2 - 6 DAYS
CANADA $3,130 - 4,175 2 - 6 DAYS
SOUTH AMERICA $3,700 - 6,400 2 - 6 DAYS
AFRICA $3,710 - 4,650 2 - 6 DAYS
AUSTRALIA $3,710 - 5,220 4 - 10 DAYS

* Express shipping is available — we will deliver your package within 24 hours for a 50% fee added to the shipping international cost.

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What our clients say.

  • Thank you for the timely delivery and ARKCryo support team for addressing my concerns throughout the transportation process!”

    — Joanne, the USA
  • The delivery was fast and lasted several days as promised. Thank you.”

    — Maria, Brazil
  • The delivery was fast and lasted several days as promised. Thank you.”

    — Maria, Brazil

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