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ARKCryo is an international transportation company that specializes in cryoshipping for assisted reproduction.

We transport IVF samples and human reproductive cells for fertility clinics and individual IVF patients.

Over 10 years of experience helps us contribute to your dream of starting a family by providing the highest level of shipping services.

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Here are several reasons why you should choose ARKCryo.

  • Export/import of biological materials to research laboratories and IVF clinics worldwide

    We specialize in shipments to both EU and non-EU countries. We are industry leaders in delivering frozen cells for ED and surrogacy cycles to and from European Union fertility clinics to clinics in Ukraine and Russia, where prices are much more affordable.

  • Carry-on baggage transportation

    Our couriers and logistics teams would never risk your valuable cryoshipments in the luggage hold. All of our shipmentsare hand carried on board the aircraft. Our courier will always ensure that the container was never opened, and didn’t go through any type of X-ray scanning procedure.

  • Customs clearance services

    ARKCryo provides a whole suite of customs clearance services and the related paperwork, including full cargo support from the moment of collecting the dewarto the full completion of all customs procedures.

  • ARK.CRYO Tracking

    With our 24/7 customer service team, you're just a phone call away to access our online tracking system. You can follow every move of your cryopackage around the globe. In particular, you can track the dewar pick-up time, in-transit time and destination point delivery time.

  • All of our cryoshippers are equipped with temperature data loggers

    The dewars include a built-in temperature logger to ensure that -196°C is maintained during the entire transportation process.

  • Transported materialsare not exposed to X-rays

    Certain human cells can be damagedby X-rays, and so we use our industry contacts to arrange to have all of our cryoshipments inspected without the use of potentially harmful radiation. Our courier will always ensure that the container was never opened, and didn’t go through any type of X-ray scanning procedure.

ARKCryo guarantees that all cryodeliveries are made according to IATA standards, and EU-Tissue Directive 2004/23/CE, 2006/17/EC and 2006/86/EC.

By working closely with international airline companies, we fully comply with all International Air Travel Association standards.

Meet our first class team of professional couriers & logistic support.

Peter Hura

Logistics Manager and Medical Courier
  • Transportations 150+
  • Countries 12

Every day we help hundreds of people from all over the world get closer to their dream of starting a family. It is an amazing feeling to be involved in the birth of a new life.

Vladyslav Zahrai

Head of ARKCryo Support
  • Transportations 150+
  • Countries 5

I am proud that my activity with ARKCryo helps couples to fulfill their dreams of parenthood. For me that is very important, as I want to make the world a better place.

Ihor Hevko

Logistics Manager and Courier
  • Transportations 150+
  • Countries 27

It is a great responsibility to carry someone’s life to destinations near and far, and I am honored to receive this trust from people. This is really motivating for me.

Vladyslav Zherebylo

Logistics Manager
  • Transportations 150+
  • Countries 12

It is really motivating and amazing feeling for me to be involved in the birth of a new life.

Andrii Dumych

Logistics Manager
  • Transportations 150+
  • Countries 6

It's great to feel myself be part of a team involved in creating a new life.

In ARKCryo,
we deliver YOUR future!

When ordering delivery from our company, you can sit back worry-free: your awaited reproductive materials are safe and will be delivered in time.


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