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ARKCryo provides
international sperm shipping according to the IATA standards.


years of experience

We deliver different kinds of biomaterials, including the insemination of donor sperm. Our 10-year experience in the industry allows us to be a successful sperm courier.

We know all the details on how to ship sperm and guarantee proper care of sperm storage onboard due to containers with liquid nitrogen.

sperm storage onboard due to containers with liquid nitrogen. ARKCryo offers 2 types of sperm donor material shipping, such as cargo and hand-carry packages for shipping sperm internationally.

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We guarantee the quality
of our shipping services at all times.

Insulated shipping containers for sperm storage

We use insulated shipping containers to ship sperm; thus, sperm storage is safe and secure. Sperm storage boxes will also stay closed in case they roll over while shipping donor sperm — they are spill-proof./p>

Liquid nitrogen

We use liquid nitrogen for the delivery of both domestic and international shipments since semen samples are sensitive to fluctuations in their surrounding conditions. The nitrogen vapor acts as an ice pack, or dry ice, for the sperm samples and prevents any potential changes in the inside container's environment.

We take proper care
of sperm storage on board.

  • The sperm sample for insulated shipping of semen is delivered in a liquid nitrogen dewar under constant onboard supervision of a personal courier. Besides, the ARKCryo support team is available 24/7 for all our international shipments.

  • We control the proper temperature of the sperm donor's material environment with the temperature loggers in all dry shippers. It helps us preserve the highest quality of the shipped sperm as we deliver it from sperm banks to fertility clinics.

  • The material does not go under X-ray at any point in the delivery process. Radiation can damage the biomaterials; therefore, we guarantee that your order will not be exposed to radiation as we transport it.

Legal & Customs support.

We take care of all processes involved in shipping the frozen sperm of an insemination donor. It includes customs and the related paperwork — our team provides consulting on the clearance papers that are required for overseas delivery.

Depending on the shipping plan you choose, we will cover customs clearance paperwork for international shipping to different extents.


successfull transportations

You can choose from three levels of insurance plans for our donor sperm delivery service.

Be sure to contact us to learn more details on what is required for a successful donor sperm international shipping process.

We are eager to relieve the stress for you — we'll treat your delivery with all the care & attention we can to leave you worry-free.


Sperm shipping internationally — pricing & delivery terms.

We have several types of insulated shipping from the sperm bank or sperm donor to your clinic, namely hand-carry and cargo shipping.

The cost of transporting frozen sperm internationally differs depending on the type of delivery, as well as the location of the sperm donor and destination clinic, and the shipment date.*

Since we provide international shipping, the time frame of frozen sperm shipping varies depending on the donor's location and destination clinic*

While transporting frozen sperm requires time, you can track delivery throughout the entire journey.

Below are the estimated sperm delivery durations and prices for deliveries from Europe:

EUROPE $1,855 - 2,670 2 - 4 DAYS
ASIA $3,000 - 4,200 2 - 6 DAYS
THE USA $3,130 - 4,175 2 - 6 DAYS
CANADA $3,130 - 4,175 2 - 6 DAYS
SOUTH AMERICA $3,700 - 6,400 2 - 6 DAYS
AFRICA $3,710 - 4,650 2 - 6 DAYS
AUSTRALIA $3,710 - 5,220 4 - 10 DAYS

* Express shipping is available — we will deliver your package within 24 hours for a 50% fee added to the shipping international cost.

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What our clients say.

  • The support team is amazing, they answered all my questions and helped me a lot!”

    — Ben, CA, the USA
  • The delivery was fast and lasted several days as promised. Thank you.”

    — Maria, Brazil
  • The delivery was fast and lasted several days as promised. Thank you.”

    — Maria, Brazil

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