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01/ Land transportation
in liquid nitrogen.

The best and fastest way to transport samples over short to medium distances is over land.

  • Land transport is the safest method to prevent the complications that can occur with air travel, such as safety checks in airports
  • With land transport, we can avoid the delays of air travel; and accurately schedule frozen shipments every time.

02/ Air transport
under the presence of a supervisor.

The primary delivery method that we use is air transportation. This method guarantees a 100% transport survival rate when shipping frozen donor eggs.

  • To transport cryomaterials via air, we utilize double-walled cryo containers made by world-renowned manufacturer Taylor-Wharton. These containers are made with state-of-the-art materials filled with liquid nitrogen and regulated with advanced timing methods.
  • The containers are never put in the hold of the plane.Our couriers hand-carry them, and they are always under constant supervision.
  • While personally transporting the IVF materials in the airplane cabin, we always avoid any exposure to X-rays.

03/ Cargo shipments.

Some medical cryoshipment companies use companies such services as FedEx or DHL for intercontinental cargo deliveries. That is a big mistake as there is always a danger that X - rays will be used when crossing borders, and may result in genetic mutation of biological material and a low survival rate after thawing.

At ARKCryo, we always send a medical courier with all shipments to ensure a safe door - to door transportation of human samples in a dry shipper.

  • Our IVF couriers accompany the dry shipper container during the entire trip, and no X - rays are used during screening procedures.

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