ARKCryo is proud to offer our clients frozen cryoshipments services, providing international ‘hand-carry’ transfers of IVF: frozen embryos, sperm, eggs and cells between fertility clinics and medical laboratories worldwide.   

ARKCryo Services:

  • International air cryoshipments - ARKCryo provides and organizes international cryoshipments of human reproductive cells. Using our established relationships with the world’s leading airlines, we are able to guarantee prompt and punctual delivery, regardless of your destination or tight timeline.
  • Customs-brokerage services – Dealing with customs can be one of the most daunting aspects of shipping cryomaterials internationally. ARKCryo provides our clients with a whole suite of customs brokerage services, including full cargo support from the moment of receipt to the full completion of all customs procedures.
  • Export / import of biological materials to research laboratories and IVF clinics worldwide - ARKCryo specializes in the transportation of biological samples and materials at ultra-low temperatures (-196C). This ensures that your human reproductive cells arrive safe and in perfect condition.
  • ARKCryo Tracking – With our 24/7 customer service team just a phone call away and access to our online tracking system, you can follow your cryoshipment’s every move around the globe. You would be able to track: dewar pick-up time, in transit time and delivery time to the destination point.

Transportations for IVF:    

  • Transportation of Frozen Eggs | Oocytes
  • Transportation of Sperm Samples | Gametes
  • Frozen Embryos transportation
  • Ovarian tissue transportation
Human cells we transport
Frozen donor eggs cryoshipping
Sperm samples cryoshipping
Frozen donor embryos cryoshipping
Ovarian tissue cryoshipping

Frozen Oocytes | Embryos transportation

Once you have stored your oocytes, embryos (or other genetic materials) in a clinic, you might need to transfer these cryomaterials to a different clinic, either in your home country or somewhere else in the world.  ARKCryo is an international leader when it comes to transporting frozen embryos, vitrified oocytes and other genetic materials.

In order to initiate the process and use our services, you first need to authorise our ARKCryo team to access and ship your embryos/oocytes. Simply contact the IVF clinic at which they are stored and make the request in writing. This enables our courier to gain access to your dewar (specialized container) from the clinic, and then deliver them to you or to a different clinic. Rest assured that your cryomaterials are safe in the dewar container for more than 7 days.

Transportation of Sperm Samples | Gametes  

ARKCryo provides reliable and expert sperm transportation to and from clinics around the world. This includes semen that is vitrified in vials or straws. In order to properly transport these straws, they must be carefully stored in a dry shipper that is packed with liquid nitrogen (or nitrogen vapour). ARKCryo always utilizes the most up to date “dry shippers” (instead of using dry ice). This ensures that the unopened tank maintains a regulated temperature for 1-3 week (exact timing depends on the size of the tank used). Our careful storage and transportation methods mean that your straws are kept safe, and it provides ample time in the case of a transport delay or unexpectedly long transit time.

Note!  Transporting and shipping semen to Canada is subject to restrictions. This is due to strict regulations on donor testing instituted by Health Canada

How long does the transportation process take?

We often use 2 reliable transportation methods:

  • Standard transport - This method takes 2-3 days from the initial pick up to the final destination.
  • ARKCryo Express* – We offer an express delivery option of 24 hours or less to any corner of the planet, and we can provide this service 7 days a week, 365 days per year.  Please note that this shipment option is always subject to all necessary documents being completed prior to the shipment time. We charge a premium of 50% for this service.

*Due to COVID restrictions and closing of the international borders, our service of express delivery is currently unavailable, we are sorry for inconvenience and we will resume our work in the nearest time when situation with COVID will improve.

Cryoshipping Technology and Safety

  • We always transport frozen donor eggs, embryos and sperm in a highly specialised container. These containers come fully supplied with sensitive and accurate data loggers to ensure consistent temperatures.
  • We always ensure that -196 C is maintained throughout the transportation process.
  • We make sure that your priceless cryomaterials are never exposed to X-rays at any point during transportation, as we know that they can cause degenerative changes to genetic materials.     
  • We use only dry shipping containers that have been approved by the International Air transport Association (IATA). 
Shipment geography. EU and non-EU countries

Our couriers cover all continents, including Australia and Latin America. We have already performed more than 500 shipments to Poland, Germany, United Kingdom, Austria, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic, Ireland, Belgium, Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Israel, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Kenya, Nepal, Cambodia, Ghana, USA, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Australia. We make more than 200 deliveries each year, and our couriers and logistics team are trusted by key fertility clinics in Europe, North America, Asia and beyond.

We are industry leaders in delivering frozen cells for ED and surrogacy cycles from European Union to non-EU countries (including from the Ukraine and Russia) and vice versa.

Legal & Customs support

ARKCryo works with your clinic to ensure that all necessary permits and customs documents are in order, and we can also provide legal support when needed. We communicate and work with all embryologists and patient coordinators, both at the origin and destination clinics, and our skilled logistics team organizes every aspect of the transportation process so that it fully complies with all IATA (International Air Transport Association) regulations.

International Transportation Regulations
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