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ARKCryo offers
professional IVF courier services.


years of experience

ARKCryo has been in the cryoshipping industry for more than 10 years.

We have been around as cryopreservation technology was evolving and have always stayed on top of it to make sure that we use the latest approaches to the transport process for IVF treatment.

We have gained priceless experience and can transport biomaterials to and from fertility clinics across the world with no risk of deteriorating the quality of the samples we deliver because of our dedication to the services we provide.

Thanks to our experience as an IVF international courier, we know all steps of the transportation process one by one, from the material collected at the clinics and banks to onboard dewar environment maintenance and required overseas transportation documents.

Now, we do not only handle the transportation with full responsibility, safety measures, and complete shipment regulation compliance but also provide help with the associated customs clearance and other paperwork to our patience. This way, we relieve the stress and hassle from you on your journey to starting a family and do our best to give you the utmost customer experience as you prepare for parenthood and take care of yourself in the first place./p> Request delivery

We take proper care
of your precious cargo.

  • We follow international shipping standards to make sure that your precious cargo is treated with the highest supervision and attention.

  • We always take care of the customs clearance and the related paperwork to free you from the hassle that accompanies it.​​

  • The personal service of onboard supervision accompanies every precious cargo throughout the entire journey.​

We can guarantee that our transportation of your biomaterials will be reliable, safe & secure, regardless of the variety of services you use.


ARKCRYO services.


successfull transportations

ARKCryo is an IVF courier that provides international transportation services for biomaterials including frozen embryos, sperm samples, gametes, frozen donor eggs, and oocytes.

Learn more about each type of biomaterial delivery we provide below.


Frozen Embryo Transportation.

Among our IVF shipping services, we conduct frozen embryo delivery. You can rely on our team and be confident that your IVF samples will be delivered to the destination clinic in the most reliable conditions. We take the best care of the reproductive cells you trust us with and make sure they will be transported according to the safest practices regardless of whether it is an overseas or short delivery.

  • We use containers with liquid nitrogen for shipping the materials.

    Since every dewar is equipped with a temperature logger, we ensure that the containers maintain the required temperature inside.

  • We never expose the packages with frozen embryos to X-rays.

    Since the material is sensitive to external stimuli, avoiding radiation helps keep the materials free from any potential damage. That is why we make sure your package is never exposed to an X-ray throughout our delivery.

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Transportation of Sperm Samples & Gametes.

We conduct the delivery of sperm samples and gametes across the world. We offer two types of packages, cargo, and hand-carry packages, to deliver the samples.

The process of delivery starts when we pick up the biomaterials at the IVF clinics and lasts until we hand it to the destination receiver. Throughout this entire process, onboard personnel keeps an eye on the dewars to make sure the materials travel safely.

  • Insulated shipping containers for biomaterials transportation.

    The dewars we use for shipping maintain the necessary environment to prevent any spilling or changes in the materials’ quality during the delivery, which makes them a trustworthy transportation solution.

  • Customs support & legal paperwork.

    We always take care of the customs clearance and the related paperwork to free you from the hassle that accompanies it. Instead, we want you to be able to focus on taking care of yourself as you continue your journey to parenthood.

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Frozen Donor Egg & Oocyte Transportation.

Our experienced IVF couriers do international shipping of frozen donor eggs and oocytes, among other types of biomaterial transportation. So besides the mentioned kinds of biomaterials, we also perform shipping of IVF samples, stem cells, and other biomaterials that you need for your fertility treatments.

Because we are experienced in the shipping process using cryopreservation, we can handle the delivery of any kind of biomaterial from one continent to another.

  • Onboard personal supervision of the dewar.

    The assigned IVF courier monitors your precious cargo to ensure that the right shipping conditions, like temperature and absence of any X-ray scanning, are kept at all times. This way, we can guarantee that your biomaterials after the delivery will be of the same quality as at the pick-up.

  • A first-class team of professional IVF couriers and logistics support​.

    Our personnel ensures that you are up-to-date with the delivery status. In case of any concerns, you can always reach out to our support team to get answers you may have regarding your order or our service.

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