How To Ship Sperm Internationally: All You Need To Know

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How To Ship Sperm Internationally: All You Need To Know #1

Infertility, a highly unpleasant and frequently unspoken condition, can be a primary source of sorrow for many families. Not long ago, infertility was a condition without a remedy, even for those with the financial wherewithal to conquer it. Today's scientific developments provide a wide range of possibilities for people looking for non-traditional childbearing methods. Medicine furnishes creative solutions to problems. All of these factors increase the options for having children.

Surprisingly, one significant development is sperm shipping services worldwide. It is now feasible to transfer sperm samples to specialized labs abroad, storage facilities, or even an egg donor oversea since safe alternatives and effective methods are making the process simpler.

How To Send Sperm Overseas

Sperm storage is safe and secure at ARKCryo since we transport sperm in insulated shipping containers. The dry shippers are kept tightly closed to prevent spilling if they tip over while transporting donor sperm.

What is the procedure for delivery?

International shipments of donor sperm are possible. Liquid nitrogen-filled dry cargo tankers are used to transport the load. Depending on the delivery terms, the tank sizes change. You also can choose a big tank for shipping internationally if required.

In addition, the sperm straws are shipped in a container partially filled with liquid nitrogen. For the semen samples, the liquid nitrogen vapor serves as dry ice, or ice, and inhibits any potential changes in the atmosphere inside the container. Then the frigid tank is put into a shipping container.

The sperm straws are kept frozen for seven days by the tiny liquid nitrogen reservoir. Sperm straws are preserved in a large nitrogen tank for 12 days. Donor sperm must be in the nitrogen tank until ready for use. The transfer of the sperm to the nitrogen tank at the IVF clinic is also an option if you visit one.

First Step: Preparation Before Submitting

There are several stages to undergo before submitting, like gathering paperwork and fulfilling each clinic's requirements, but first and foremost:

1. Schedule a meeting with a doctor to discuss your situation and determine what is necessary.

2. Get in touch with our transportation supervisor.

You must adhere to the standards of sperm banks and countries, each of which has its own set of restrictions for transferring biomaterials, a few of which are rather rigorous or particular. However, we will stay in touch with your holding/receiving clinic frequently to ensure that all demands are met.

Additionally, there are other things to consider while transporting sperm, eggs, or embryos worldwide.

  • The chance that a delay in transit might damage sperm, eggs, or embryos;
  • The amount of time it takes to arrange the cargo and any potential delays brought on by Covid's interference with domestic and international shipments;
  • Prices.

It is crucial to understand that we cannot accept gametes or embryos that have undergone sex selection or ship them elsewhere for sex selection-based therapies.

Second Step: The Delivery Process

Transferring biomaterials for infertility therapy is more expensive than transporting patients or sperm donors. The planning and carrying out of the shipping may take at least two months. The entire cost of shipping sperm worldwide comprises various components:

  • Consultation with a doctor;
  • Initial planning for international shipping;
  • Extra charges for managing delivery to other countries with strict legal standards or where donations are involved;
  • The price of the shipping services varies based on the dry shippers, the destination, and the weather;
  • Overseas management.

We provide personal courier and freight shipping as distinct options from the sperm bank or sperm donor to your destination clinic. Shipping sperm internationally can be expensive and time-consuming depending on the delivery method, the clinic at the destination, the location of the sperm donor, and the shipment date.

Even though frozen sperm shipping takes some time, you may keep track of your cargo all the way. Express shipping is also possible at ARKCryo; we can deliver your order within 24 hours for a 50% fee in addition to the international shipping cost!

You Can Rely on ARKCryo

The delivery of a significant item, such as samples of biomaterials, must be handled carefully, and that is something we are aware of at ARKCryo. We aim to offer our clients the trustworthy service they require.

We also handle all processes of transporting frozen donor sperm for IVF. It covers customs clearance and related documentation - our experts can advise you on authorization documents needed for international delivery. Our highly qualified logistics professionals meticulously plan each step of sample shipping, making the procedure risk-free, hassle-free, and dependable, and most significantly — alleviating anxiety for expected parents.

Request delivery today and put your trust in our capable hands!

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