How To Move Embryos From One Clinic To Another

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How To Move Embryos From One Clinic To Another #1

Intended parents frequently express concerns about moving frozen embryos between IVF clinics, specifically when this affects transporting embryos. It is normal; these embryos represent a significant investment of time, money, and hope for you.

Embryo freezing has significantly changed the medicine of in Vitro fertilization. Having a biological child has never been easier or more effective for LGBT couples and infertile people due to frozen embryos and the surrogacy procedure. Even if you may be aware that embryos can be frozen for later use, you might be curious about the feasibility of transferring embryos.

We'll cover every need for transferring biomaterials in this article.

Why Do You Need To Ship Your Embryos?

Many prospective parents encounter challenges along the path to surrogacy. A couple considering IVF may decide to freeze the embryo rather than transfer it right away to the surrogate's uterus for salmagundi reasons.

The following circumstances may necessitate embryo transfer:

  • A change in a fertility clinic;
  • Moving and needing to transfer embryos to another clinic;
  • Send them to your surrogate's clinic.

As we all know, an embryo is the outcome of sperm fertilizing an egg. The benefit of using frozen embryos is that the surrogate may gradually prepare her body for pregnancy through fertility treatments.

Infertility clinics will prescribe fertility treatment and coordinate the ovulatory cycle with the natural embryo development cycle. Embryo transfer also allows intended parents to have a different outcome if their previous results have been unsuccessful.

Is It Safe To Ship Embryos?

All clinics must be capable of appropriately sending and receiving biomaterials since commodities.

Your fertility clinic will likely utilize vitrification. It is an efficient way of cryopreservation rather than slow freezing. However, vitrification is a challenging procedure that needs the oocytes to be handled with extreme care. The embryos are protected from damage by keeping their temperature below -120 degrees Celsius with liquid nitrogen. Comparatively, slowly frozen cells can endure an immediate drop in temperature to -2 C from 0 C.

Cryopreserved eggs/embryos are stored in a container filled with liquid nitrogen for long-term preservation (LN). The temperature of liquid nitrogen is -196 degrees Celsius. Oocytes and embryos may be preserved for years or decades and utilized because all biological activities in the cell are halted at this too-low temperature. However, the proper temperature must be maintained while transporting, so most clinics must regularly replenish the liquid nitrogen own storage tanks.

How Are Embryos Stored While Shipping?

The transport of biomaterials is strictly regulated since it involves significant hazards and responsibilities. Any pharmacy, third-party logistics company, and warehouse must adhere to the standards for medication storage to maintain their quality and efficacy among the details covered by each country's legislation.

A dry shipper can sustain a low temperature of -150 to -190 degrees Celsius for many days (or even more than a week) with adequate preparation, which should be enough to transfer the donor eggs/embryos.

During shipping biomaterials, it's crucial to keep an eye on the air's humidity in the dry shipper and the temperature controlled. Ice packs must never come into direct touch with items. The whole travel should be recorded, including the time and any changes in dry shipper temperature. Some clinics collaborate with shipping companies that send embryos packaged in cryogenic Dewar containers, high-density foam freezers, dry shippers, or other temperature-safe materials. The essential containers to protect and maintain the embryos' frozen status will be available through whichever delivery provider you and your new clinic.

How Much Does It Cost to Transport Frozen Embryos?

Although several variables can affect your cost, the primary one is the distance you are transporting frozen embryos. If embryos need to be delivered quickly, they can be shipped by sea or railroad in dedicated refrigerated containers.

The embryos will be protected in a temperature-controlled storage facility, so there is no need to pay more for overnight delivery. However, just as with any delivery service, the price will be heavily influenced by how quickly you need the embryos delivered. If the distance between the two clinics is not too considerable, some intended parents decide to transport the embryos themselves (after the doctor wraps them up). If your own clinic can do this for you, you can save a lot of money, but this option might not always be accessible.

Any add-ons you purchase from the delivery provider, such as insurance, might also alter the price. If the embryos are sent via a third-party company or clinic, or if you decide to take them yourself, there is typically also an equipment rental charge. Any shipping firm should be able to provide you with medical records and a pricing estimate, and you can accomplish that simply by visiting our Pricing page.

Why Choose ARKCryo

ARKCryo is a global shipping company that specializes in cryoshipping for assisted reproduction. We deliver human reproductive cells and IVF samples to any receiving clinic and individual IVF patients. Our more than ten years of expertise enable us to offer the best success rates of shipping services, allowing us to assist your desire to establish a family.

ARKCryo guarantees that all embryo shipping services are made according to IATA requirements and EU-Tissue Directive 2004/23/CE, 2006/17/EC, and 2006/86/EC. We fully comply with all International Air Travel Association requirements by collaborating with international airlines.

We understand that presumptive parent insurance brings an extra piece of mind, protection, and financial stability during your IVF journey.

Always Choose Transportation Experts

More and more prospective parents have the opportunity to have their children hence advances in embryo freezing technology!

Fertility clinics can adequately preserve your embryo by freezing it and storing it in specialized biological material transit containers. Then it may be sent to the necessary fertility clinic anywhere in the world. Expectant parents may sleep easy knowing that their embryos will transport securely, as embryo freezing does not affect the likelihood of a successful transfer.

ARKCryo will walk you through the whole surrogacy path to help you achieve your goal of starting a family. Request delivery right away!

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