Main Features of export/import of frozen human reproductive cells

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Main Features of export/import of frozen human reproductive cells #1

Unfortunately, in today's world, infertility treatment finds its place in almost every corner of our planet. The world achievements and progress in this direction are really impressive. People are ready to undergo fertility treatment in different cities, countries and even continents on the way to their most cherished dream. Therefore, the issue of IVF samples transportation is becoming increasingly important.

There are many reasons why clinics, agencies and patients want to transport their material. The most frequent among them are:

1. Need to use egg/sperm donor material (according to the phenotype which may not be available in this particular clinic or a country).

2. Desire to try another technique in another clinic.

3. Certain legal restrictions in the country where treatment has already been started and where the material was collected or embryos were created (this could include age restrictions for IVF services, prohibition of surrogacy, double donation, etc.).

4. Cost of IVF services (we know that the cost of services is different worldwide, sometimes it is significantly different).

However, quite often people are faced with rather severe restrictions concerning export and import of biological material from one country to another, as each country has its own regulations concerning import and export of biological material in IVF field in general.

Ignorance of these regulations and customs laws of the country where the material is exported and the country where it is imported can lead to the fact that the material will not cross the border, will get stuck at the customs, as well as a fine will be imposed. And worst of all, the delay will affect the vital activity of the material, because it should not be overlooked that the material should be delivered to the clinic for its further storage as soon as possible.

For example, here are some well-known regulations governing the transportation of IVF samples for treatment in a particular country:

  • The European Union Tissue and Cells Directives – EUTCD – the European Directive which describes the processes related to reproductive medicine within the EU, in particular this Directive also describes the conditions for import and export of IVF samples from other non-EU countries. It should also be noted that each EU country may have additional local laws concerning samples transportation for artificial insemination.
  • HFEA (Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority) regulations are applied in Great Britain. They are very similar to EUTCD but its regulations and responsibility for their compliance are applicable to the UK clinics.
  • FDA (Food and Drug Administration) – Food and Drug Administration describes regulations and requirements, including for clinics in the United States, which receive samples of materials from other countries.
  • ICAO and IATA – organizations which describe transport regulations and requirements for biomaterials on board aircraft.
However, you should not be despair and give up prematurely. For the effective implementation of the material transportation from one country to another, we recommend you to apply to the companies which are not only directly involved in the transportation service but also provide all the necessary legal support. It is also important to ensure that the company has experience in IVF samples transportation to these regions. Their active support and consultation will allow a better understanding of the process and making the right decision.

ARKCryo, for its part, is always ready to consider each personal request for transportation and provide all the necessary information in the language that is convenient for you. Our experience in IVF samples transportation (oocyte, sperm, embryos) to more than 45 countries around the world has helped to create the conditions in which each request is processed within 24 hours: the transportation does not exceed 2 - 3 days* including continental transportation.

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