How should you choose a cryo-shipping company that specializes in reproductive cell transportation?

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How should you choose a cryo-shipping company that specializes in reproductive cell transportation? #1

If you are in the middle of a search for a cryoshipping company, you have a lot of choices available to you. Selecting the right company can be a confusing and overwhelming experience, and some people simply give up at this stage.

The team here at ARKCryo is here to help you at every step of the way. We want to help you make the best decision for your unique circumstances, and choose a company that works for you. Read ahead to learn all about how to make the best decision about cryoshipping companies.

Key takeaways:

  • The demand of the needs of reproductive human cells on cryoshipping services.
  • Understanding the difference between standard transportation companies (i.e. Fedex, DHL) and specialized cryoshipping companies.
  • The key ways that you should choose cryoshipping company

Over the past 20 years or so the world has experienced a massive shift in population growth. That said, despite the fact that more people are having more babies than ever, two growing statistics continue to rise – the population of the planet continue to grow, and more and more couples and single people alike are experiencing infertility.

While global rates of infertility stayed relatively stable between 1990 and 2010 (data taken from a study of 277 national surveys in 190 countries) many people are not able to conceive naturally. Similarly, data collected by the World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that in 2010, more than 48.5 million couples around the world were unable to have a child by natural means.

These studies found that approximately 1.9 percent of women aged 20-44 trying to become pregnant were unable to have their first live birth. More than 10.5 percent of women who had previously given birth were then unable to have another baby (after five years of trying).

Due to growing rates of infertility around the world, people around the world are struggling to find the best fertility clinics at which to start their family planning treatments. As a general rule, the treatment found at clinics around Europe, the USA, Australia and Canada is very expensive. This is just one of the reasons why many couples try to find cheaper alternatives in Eastern Europe, where fertility treatments are 20-40% cheaper.

These numbers lead to a growing interest in IVF tourism around the world, and more people want to know about IVF cryomaterial transportation. More and more clients want to learn about transportation options for sperm, oocytes and fertilized embryos. Cryopreservation is a common and sound option for any patient who wishes to undergo infertility treatments in am IVF clinic anywhere in the world. This can also be a good alternative for any patients that are planning to enter into their surrogacy program with use of their own donor or frozen embryos.

Why is it so important to use specialized cryoshipping companies?

If you are one of the countless international patients who has decided to undertake the entire fertility treatment cycle in a country abroad, you need to choose a reliable transportation company. It is important that you find a company that can expertly handle your frozen transportation and cryodelivery needs.

Standard transportation companies (such as Fedex and DHL) cannot guarantee that your cryomaterials will not be X-rayed. For this reason alone, it is important that you use the services of specialised cryoshipping companies, they understand the particularities of the business and they accompany the container that holds your cryomaterials throughout the entire trip. They know how to communicate with the IVF clinic staff and all patients, as well as with airport security control.


  • Years of experience on the market
  • Certificates Held For Medical Courier practice
  • Certificates Held For Medical Container Expertise
  • Team of experienced transport logistics experts
  • Feedback from existing fertility patients (intended parents)

We hope that our recommendations will help you make your choice about which cryoshipping company to work with, and that you know feel confidence about which companies will safely deliver your eggs to your chosen destination point.

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